Alright (Yeah) / I Can't Die

by The Baddest Beams

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released July 24, 2016



all rights reserved


The Baddest Beams Sacramento, California

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Track Name: Alright (Yeah)
so much wasted ambition / I hate to see a young man with an addiction / a man now wicked and cruel was once meek and humble / all the things in this world you would replace / they made you what you are in the first place / dogs and cats aren't family / i've put down pets before. it meant nothing to me / community and neighbors / they do me no favors / car shows and chili cook off events / local leaders with ribbons to present / sunsets i don't admire / natural formations all fail to inspire / canyons and rivers and lakes. all nature's mistakes / alright (yeah)

these aren't lines from poems or from plays / it's not a stage for opera or ballet / it isn't prose for podium or page / it's not a role for cinema or stage / principles and rudiments to teach / eighteen holes to play at pebble beach / the hand that holds the prize will someday change / sacrifice in the spirit of exchange / privileges provided by birth / soon return to the dust of the earth / alright (yeah)
Track Name: I Can't Die
all my life been a nervous guy / went to the doctor today and he told me i'm clinically shy / nothing he can do for me / no medicine no surgery / no procedure or therapy / but all my life i've been skeptical / of rich doctors, their opinions, and their morals and their principles / so even with a PhD / medical school, residency / can't diagnose me properly /

i can't die / poison and disease and sword and scythe / can't hurt my body it won't end my life / disasters and collisions spears and knives / they'll fail once. they won't try twice

in the past I've been critical / of those who create altercation and make disagreements personal / I avoid confrontation typically / violence specifically / don't involve myself physically / but something's change in me recently / a fire's been ignited doesn't matter if you think of me / as ignorant and uninformed / a criminal to be reformed / a beast un-neutered, fanged, and horned