Still Ugly

by The Baddest Beams

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released November 24, 2014

Words and music by AJ Marsden. Additional vocals provided by Bailey Walatka.

"Stop Smoking" by Will Toledo



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The Baddest Beams Sacramento, California

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Track Name: Still Ugly
Your girlfriend told me yesterday she wanted a baby
I told her she was insane
She told me that she had a cat when she was in third grade
I said it isn't the same
She said she had a lot of love to give to a baby but
I didn't see it that way
I asked her where her cat went when she made it to fourth grade
She said she gave it away

She told me that her world was falling down all around her
I told her she'd be okay
She asked me if I ever would describe her as ugly
I didn't no what to say
She told me that a bunch of friend were heading to the lake
I said I'm not free today
She said she wasn't asking me to come in the first place

Everyone's coming too
Everyone except you

Everyone agrees
You're not the same guy that you used to be
What happened to the guy I knew?
Maybe I've just grown
Maybe you're the same guy that I've always known
And I've just always hated you
You say the world's bringing you down (Look at your self and see the way)
You wear your heartache like it's a crown (you treat your friends. That's not okay)
You feel this way 'cause you choose (The way I live. It's not something I would choose)
Do you even hear the things you say?
You know you've got no right to act that way.

(See "Baseball Teams" from "Junior Beams [ep]" for additional lyrics.)
Track Name: Stop Smoking (Car Seat Headrest cover)
Stop smoking. We love you and we don't want you to die.